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Workers Comp & Liability Claims Investigations

Thorough Workers Compensation & Liability Claim Investigations

Learn the truth about an individual who claims a debilitating injury has altered his or her life. Millennium Investigations gets results you can take into the courtroom.  

Claims Investigations

Find out if someone is misrepresenting the facts or making false claims. We use methods appropriate to individual cases to determine if a complainant has manufactured or exaggerated his or her injuries, has unreported income from a second job, or is simply a malingerer. 

Let us report to you reliable and updated information on a complainant’s health status and current activities, including full or part-time employment held since the date of loss. We determine and document any recreational or strenuous endeavors they engage in around the home and community, and uncover other ongoing civil or criminal litigations.

You will be provided with a detailed report via secured email and video documentation sent expeditiously in DVD format.  Most cases are initiated within five working days and completed within two weeks. Rush assignments are gladly accepted.

Man Holding a Camera


Millennium Investigations, Inc. has vast experience in conducting surveillance in various situations, settings, and levels of difficulty.  We staff experienced male and female agents who maintain constant close watch of a subject via stationary and mobile surveillance, usually by vehicle, or as required, on foot.

You need reliable evidence to controvert a claim. Video surveillance is paramount in most cases.  We also conduct Activity Checks, Witness Interviews, Records Search and Claimant Statements.