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Database Searches

Comprehensive Database Searches

Database searches can provide a wealth of information. Let Millennium Investigations develop the critical information you need.

Database Searches

Millennium Investigations, Inc. offers in-depth data searches to reveal information you seek for just and legal purposes.  Many searches are available and conducted based on the needs of your case. Please call to inquire on searches not featured here.  

Investigation Files Phone Number Search - Confirms a name and address.
Address Search - Confirms a name and possible land line phone number.
PO Box Search - Confirms a name and physical address.
Private Mail Box Search - Identifies the owner (precursor to full skip trace).
Non-Published Phone Number Search - Provides a name and address.
Employment Search - Provides current place of employment or source of income.
Property Search - Determines property ownership Statewide or Nationwide
Civil / Criminal Search - Cases naming the subject searched 
EIN Search - Provides a federal employer identification number.
Professional License Search - Finds professional licenses issued in a subject's name
DBA Filings Search - This identifies a subject's other business names, if any.