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Field Investigations

The Most Comprehensive Investigations Available

Let Millennium Investigations, Inc. provide you with results you can use from field investigations and information gathering. We are skilled at interviewing and collecting case details.  Professionally prepared reports are submited in a timely fashion.

General Field Investigation

Rest assured we have your best interests in mind when we begin our work. The key to a successful field investigation is in identifying the exact mission or purpose of your investigation, formulating a game plan, and then effectively and efficiently implementing the appropriate strategy.

The process, in most cases, begins with in-depth case review and initial gathering of information through data search and phone calls. In many cases, who conducts the field investigation can make a huge difference and we have a diverse staff from which to choose an investigator.

Investigation Documents

Witness Location & Development

Our team can locate and interview potential witnesses in preparation for litigation. Legal professionals understand the value of a good witness and hire us to locate a witness or develop and interview potential witnesses. Once a witness is located it is our job to listen to their account of the facts and formulate pertinent questions to determine the value of their testimony. In many cases, this can open doors that virtually make your case. We have even encouraged and ultimately convinced uncooperative witnesses to do the right thing. Contact us today for a free consultation.